On Whitcoulls and Borders

News broke today that book chains Whitcoulls and Borders have been placed under voluntary liquidation in Australia and New Zealand.

Did the first domino fall? Is the digital revolution upon us? Will this lead to the demise of bookstores all around the country?

Possibly. Far more likely, though, is the large book chains down-under can no longer take the heat from online stores offering a much broader range of books at more competitive prices. On top of this, both Borders and Whitcoulls have been under siege on the high street too, competing with The Warehouse and new entrants JB Hi-Fi in DVDs, Blu-ray and Music.

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An ode to the paperback

Earlier this year Lance Wiggs blogged about The challenge for Fishpond and presented a well thought out arguement for the eventual death of the bookstore, online or otherwise, at the hands of electronic devices such as the iPad and Kindle.

Given time, Lance may well be proved right, but until that time comes I will continue to buy, own and collect paperback and hardback books, and I bet I'm not the only one.

Back in 2001, migrating my entire CD collection to my iPod was a compelling proposition. Finally I could hit the gym or hit the road with my entire music collection in my pocket. It rocked because I could shuffle between my favourite songs quickly, and I was no longer restricted to a single album. 

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Become customer-focused

At Mighty Ape we're proud to be a customer-focused company that's willing to do whatever it takes to make customers happy.

The warehouse team is measured by its ability to deliver on our promise of same-day shipping of in-stock orders. Our development team scramble at 3am if the web site goes down and constantly respond to suggestions and insights from our customers. Send Mighty Ape a message and you can rate the helpfullness of the reply from our customer service team, and we value this above call and message volume. 

In addition to the obvious benefit of generating more business for Mighty Ape, the unexpected payoff from this is that making our customers happy makes us happy too. Receving fan mail is huge part of what makes Mighty Ape such a fun place to work.

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