Leave a room tidier

My friend Jeremy recently shared with me a tip he picked up from his Mum. Every time you exit a room of your house, do one small thing to make it tidier or more organised. Leave the room looking just that little bit nicer than when you walked in.

Genius. I’ve been trying it - and it works. Glass on the coffee table? Yup I’ll take that on my way through. Shoes on the floor? I’ll put those away on my way out the door. Letters on the bench? Opened, filed and rubbish put in the bin.

End result? Tidy house with less time spent tidying up.

I wonder whether this simple daily exercise could be similarly applied to other areas of life? A sort of butterfly effect - a small daily change that over time creates a big difference.

Would our relationships improve dramatically if we actively sought to make them better, just a little, with every interaction, no matter how small?

How many more books would we read every year, if we committed to reading just one chapter per night before bed? How much smarter, more knowledgeable, more interesting would we be over the course of our lifetime?

posted by Dylan on 24 May 2015, 9:18 pm in ,