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Volunteers vs. employees vs. politicians

Paul Watson is one of the most passionate animal rights activists alive today, and this short video beautifully illustrates why he's so effective. He really understands human nature and what motivates people.

Understanding motivation is key to putting together a great team. Paul chooses volunteers over employees because employees are often motivated by money, not passion or a strong belief in the cause. Paul weeds these people out by removing money from the equation completely. This is a great insight for business owners. Paying high salaries isn't necessarily going to attract the best candidates.

Most individuals and organizations are motivated by profit. Every time Paul disrupts a whale hunt he denies the whalers of income selling the whale meat. When the costs of whaling exceed the income, whaling ends. The same principle applies elsewhere. Buying McDonalds isn't smart if you believe factory farming is wrong. Treat your dollar as a vote and choose carefully.

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posted by Dylan on 11 April 2011, 12:25 am in