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On finishing things

Much earlier in the year I blogged about starting things, because I believe more young people should team-up with friends and create businesses, projects, causes...the future.

I was, at the time, full of optimism and in the process of starting something myself, and now as 2013 draws to a close, I'm in the process of finishing it.

And I've (re)discovered something. Finishing things sucks.

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On starting things

I'm surprised more people don't start things. Internet things. New ideas. New opportunities. New websites.

There are a lot of super-smart people in New Zealand. Super-smart designers, developers and business people working hard to maintain the status-quo.

We can do more.

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Lessons from Webstock

I don't usually go to conferences. Webstock 2012 was not only my first Webstock, but the first conference I've paid to attend. 

It was great.

Above all else, Webstock does a brilliant job of inspiring you to do great work. The event itself is run to a super-high standard which infects and inspires both the speakers and the attendees. It sets the stage for brilliance. The execution of the basics is world class on every level. The web site, the communication with attendees, the programme, the ID tags, the goodie bag, the venue, the graphics to introduce the speakers, the guest speakers, and of course the all-important after party. Every detail was thought through and highly polished and it motivated everyone to step up.

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The risk of multi-purpose devices

Our lust for multi-purpose devices has reached fever-pitch. Even an Amazon Kindle is seen as redundant when "an iPad can do all that, and more!" A telephone is no longer a device you exclusively use to speak on, or even communicate with. It's now a phone, a camera, an email client, a web browser, a GPS, a compass, a map, a gaming console, a social media-platform and a computer. And not necessarily in that order either.

It's great, right? Or is it...

The problem with a multi-purpose device is that you're never quite sure what you should be doing with it. Am I sitting at my computer to work, or to read the news? Am I using my iPad to read a book and learn something new, or browse Facebook and chat with my friends? Am I reaching for my iPhone to communicate, or am I just avoiding talking with the people I'm already with? Unless you have amazing self-discipline (and most people don't) it's actually really difficult.

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An ode to the paperback

Earlier this year Lance Wiggs blogged about The challenge for Fishpond and presented a well thought out arguement for the eventual death of the bookstore, online or otherwise, at the hands of electronic devices such as the iPad and Kindle.

Given time, Lance may well be proved right, but until that time comes I will continue to buy, own and collect paperback and hardback books, and I bet I'm not the only one.

Back in 2001, migrating my entire CD collection to my iPod was a compelling proposition. Finally I could hit the gym or hit the road with my entire music collection in my pocket. It rocked because I could shuffle between my favourite songs quickly, and I was no longer restricted to a single album. 

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